website development
Website Development

Websites are the first interaction consumers have with your business.
Mind Technology Group helps you build the perfect website for your business to grow it and achieve your goals.
Either its a simple informative website, e-commerce website or a CMS, we can do it all!

App Development

Mind Technology Group helps you build solutions that meet market needs, empower companies’ brand identity, and encourage the business growth and expansion.
Whether it is a consumer oriented app or a transformative enterprise-class solution, we got it cover from ideation and concept to delivery, to ongoing support.

Startup Business Setup

Starting a new business online requires a lot of steps to be done.
Like setting up a personalized email address, creating customized email signatures and purchasing a domain and host for the startup business.
Whether the new business needs consultancy on how to start or get the steps done, Mind Technology Group is your guide.

Website & App Maintenance

Websites and Mobile apps reflect a business’ growth.
For that reason, they need to be updated constantly. From changing content and images to fixing issues.
Mind Technology Group keeps a close eye on the platform issues and fix them as they are discovered. The idea is to make sure the platform remains functional without any loss in user experience and/or downtime.

SEO Management

Websites need to improve rankings in search results for keywords relevant to the given business.
The improved rankings increase the business’s visibility in search engines and drive qualified traffic to its website.
Mind Technology Group provides monthly audits including competitors analysis to help the business succeed in search engines optimization.

Social Media Management

Build and connect with your audience on social media.
A well-managed social media business page gives the opportunity to drive new traffic to your site.
Mind Technology Group customizes your content to interest existing and new followers alike, as well as inform them about brand updates, products, events and campaigns.