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All of these matter at some point in the growing season. IIRC, the reason for the dwarf rice varieties taught in school wasn’t to maximize grain per plant, but to minimize the problem of lodging, wherein grasses that got too tall got blown over by storms and thereby lost their seeds. I should be flabberghasted if he isn’t – it’s in the list of warnings in the packets of a huge number of drugs, and has been in the popular UK media several times. Even as a layman, I know that St John’s Wort is notorious among herbal medicines for its interactions.

  • Particularly when it is trivially obvious that the concept regulated by the law is so unrelated to its supposed purpose that the law does next to nothing to achieve that purpose, and indeed may even achieve the opposite in many cases.
  • People used to do this their entire lives – first they blame Communism, then Communists, then Russians, then it starts all over again.
  • My more charitable view is that the financial value of the physical economy is effectively unbounded .
  • Erwin @ 277 Except it’s going to take TEN YEARS to get that plant-modification properly on-stream, & even then only if the Fake Greenies can be sat on …
  • Like Pan Am and other older airlines they didn’t really know how to operate in a deregulated market.

No guarantees against general system collapse in advanced old age, but if cognitive decline is the ultimate threat, I haven’t seen any sign of it in his writing. Let us say that we are intimately aware of the issues of dementia, care homes, nasty people taking advantage of the old to twist their minds and the late stage affects that include aggression, and projection. Medieval wheat was a lot shorter than ancient Egyptian wheat, for example. Farmers have been selectively breeding for increased yield for a long time, and reducing the size of parts of the plant we don’t use was part of that. Taking care of elderly who need help eating, bathing, toilet issues, etc…


And with contracting/sub-sub-sub-contracting, the folks doing the work, mostly non-union, are getting paid crap, and the developers and real estate agents get rich. FAANG did not have a bad year, they just had the type of PR crisis that oil and car companies have successfully weathered for decades. Let me rephrase that, Facebook had a bad year due to its scandals. Apple also had a bad year, but that’s due to the plateauing of smartphone sales. And, confirming my opinion that one J Corbyn is STUPID … Another example of the “lifelong rebel” trying to impose strict discipline …., apart from the joining with the far-right in wanting to wreck the country of course.

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When you are satisfied with your level of experience, you may go-ahead to the live trading section, where you may be able to test your trading skills using your actual deposits. The transition from demo trading to live trading is straightforward and may be done with just a click. The broker has shown commitment in the provision of exceptional and sophisticated customer care service for traders. ActiveBrokerz is also known to provide individual attention to every client to meet their trading needs.

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Nor do lemmings jump off cliffs if there’s not Disney paid operatives shipping Canadian Lemmings to Nordic countries and forcing them off cliffs with cattle prods. Imagining that the RU versions aren’t as sophisticated is a bad idea. Making planets is noisy and there’s lots of energy going around.

  • Or the broker starts to charge the extravagant fee which he did not mention before or you get trapped in scams or sundry financial irregularities.
  • True in its smaller lookalike rival Vietnam as well.
  • Chamberlain believed the Germans would have wiped the map with Britain and France in early 1938 if they tried.
  • And, it was, more or less, available 50 years ago.
  • This probably made the employment crisis of The Great Depression worse, and probably increased food prices at the worst possible time, but it had entirely different causes.

Oh look, we’ve got a hammer, that problem looks like a nail… I lived in a lot of countries as a child; and ended up an internationalist, not a nationalist. Some greedy, some idealistic, some with little empathy, a very few downright evil. But the vast majority of people good, and just trying to get on with a decent life.

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You know how we know it is an energy positive operation? Because uranium yields a hell of a lot more than 200 dollars worth of electricity per kilogram of U3O8 when shoveled into a fast breeder, and nobody is donating fuel oil to these experiments. The Great Depression was caused by banks which limefx website both held savings/checking accounts and made loans, but also bought and sold stocks and even backed stocks. This particular structural problem was solved by the Glass-Steagal law, which forced banks to be either stock-market banks or saving/lending banks, but did not allow them to do both.

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Then Vice President George H.W. Bush didn’t find out about Reagan’s letter until after Reagan came out of recovery and had already signed a second letter reclaiming his power. Clause #3 was never formally invoked until George W. Bush’s first term when he transferred power to Dick Cheney as Acting President for a couple of hours while he underwent a colonoscopy in 2002. But reading your post also makes me think that there are two parallel Russian limefx broker reviews influence operationsWhich is a good sign, because most people who invoke the “influence” don’t even think too much when they say the word. So you might as well figure what we’ve found out long ago. Then, Trump gets to send his own written declaration and resume office, UNLESS Pence & company send another written declaration disputing Trump’s written declaration within 4 days. Ain’t nothing gonna’ happen before the midpoint of Trump’s term.

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